WooWoo Waterless Toilets

Waterless, composting and low water toilets for a wide range of applications.
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Our Mission:

Adding water to human waste creates a larger problem than it solves. We want to increase awareness in the alternatives available to show that flush and forget is not the only way and is certainly not the best way to handle our waste.

We provide waterless, composting and low water toilets for a huge range of applications. From large capacity public toilet systems to compact composting toilets for boats. If you have an application that needs an alternative solution to handling your waste, I’m sure we’ll have a solution that fits your need.

Applications such as:
– Country Parks
– Camp sites
– Golf courses
– Beaches
– Allotments
– Glamping Sites
– Canal Boats
– Motorhomes
– Fisheries / Angling Clubs

Easy assembly – watertight – minimum maintenance – no water – no electricity – no chemical products – waste is transformed into a neutral, odour free material – 100% ecological.

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