Wildwood Design

Designer and producer of traditional wagons.
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Wildwood Design was established by Chris Ward in 2008 as a business specialising in the restoration and design of traditional horse drawn vehicles. Chris studied at the prestigious Lyme Regis Boat Building Academy where he gained a City & Guilds in boat building. With his qualification and a passion for wood and woodwork, he spent many years as a journeyman working in boatyards throughout the South West of England developing his skill set.

Following further experience gained working for horse drawn communities, Chris realised his skills were easily transferable to wagon building. As passionate as Chris was about boat building more and more of his commissions were focussed in this area. This led to the creation of Wildwood Design.

Chris began production of a Bowtop wagon mounted on a caravan chassis, towable by a car and named this ‘The Twagon’. Chris believed this would encourage others to share his enthusiasm for these beautiful designs without the commitment of owning a horse.
Chris has now developed two Twagon models – the Bowtop and the Showmmans.

The Bowtop model is based on the traditional proportions of a horsedrawn bowtop wagon. It includes defining features such as Ash bows and a rear bay window. The Showmans model is based on a 1940’s style Showman’s wagon. It includes a traditional mollycroft roof. Chris is passionate about the traditional design of the Twagons and these features are incorporated into the models he currently offers.

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