The Tipi Company

Manufacturers of authentic, durable and weatherproof large event tipis. The Tipi Company supplies teepees to people and companies who want to create memorable and inspiring experiences in the surroundings of the great outdoors.
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The Tipi Company has been born from The Awning Company, which has manufactured large outdoor event structures since 1983. With over 30 years of experience of working with a variety of worldwide influential brands – including Red Bull, Tissot Watches, Tesco, Abu Dhabi, Diabetes UK, Mini, Honda, Virgin, Williams, Monster Energy, Old El Paso, Coca Cola, Nivea, Dulux and Peugeot – we know what the hospitality trade needs in this fast moving industry and as a result, the tipis were born. When we set about designing our tipis, we took a long hard look at what was currently on the market, and raised the bar.

Taking inspiration from the Nomadic tribes of the Great Plains of America and the Sami people of Northern Scandinavia, we have supersized the design and made them durable, weatherproof and reliable for outdoor events that can be used at any time of the year. One tipi can standalone for an intimate gathering, or you can interlink many together to create an event space for thousands of guests. Not only do we manufacture tipis, but we have also designed a range of complimentary Accessories, so that the teepees can be used throughout the year, whatever the weather.

All of our products have been awarded the Made In Britain marque and are crafted here in the UK using the latest construction techniques, from the best materials on the market. The poles used in our tipis are also supplied to the ladder industry due to their straightness and dependability, where they conform to BS1129 – the most stringent industrial class in the access sector – which is a unique quality to The Tipi Company.

In addition, our fabric is water repellent, flame-retardant and strong – something that has been tried and tested out in the field in the harshest of weather conditions. We believe in the strength of our design, the quality of our work and the attention to detail by our UK based team of craftsmen, so we fully encourage and support the Buy British campaign.

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