Moo Moo Ponchos

Handmade ponchos for little glampers.
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Children love outdoor fun: camping, beach, park, rock pooling etc…. but sometimes get chilly after swimming or in late afternoon. Something warm, snuggly and FUN is just the thing to keep your LITTLE GLAMPERS happy and therefore your big glampers happy too. Moo Moo Ponchos are the perfect accessory, made up in unique fabrics that have a myriad of uses, practical to wear and wash too. An ideal garment for Glampers or provided with laundry packs. These could be branded with your trade name, providing excellent advertising while out and about!!

· 100% Polar Wool
· Double sided for extra warmth and snuggleness
· Medium weight fleece
· Anti-Pill fabric
· Easy care

· Hand made in the England

Children’s superior polar fleece ponchos are made by moomoo that are suitable for boys and girls – ranging from 1 year up to 13yrs.

There will be a range of moos to choose from in this quality British handmade brand along with the following add on accessories:
Moo Scarves : Wellie moo socks : Mitten moos : Hattie moos : Ladymoos : Wrapmoos

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