Inflate Works Ltd

Inflate Works offers a variety of exclusive inflated structures and accesories,
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Love an Inflate Works install?Keep your eyes peeled... We might just have a few exciting new structures to share with you in 2016.

Opublikowany przez Inflate Works Sobota, 6 lutego 2016

Inflate Works is the exclusive operator of AirClad and Inflate products, providing hire opportunities, management services and crewing.
AirClad is the next generation of temporary prefabricated event buildings. Its mobile, modular system is capable of being deployed almost anywhere. It has a range of expo off the shelf structures. The studio has also launched pop-up, mobile hotel rooms through the brand Snoozy – opening up a whole new world of accommodation
Inflate is a progressive brand creating striking, bold, contemporary structures with Air. Supported by its own dedicated design and production team in the UK and Belgium with an expanding network

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United Kingdom
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