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GemaPark is an online booking and management system specifically designed for holiday parks.
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GemaPark is developed and maintained in the UK by Netguides Limited. It was launched in 2009 built from the ground up as a fully web based ‘cloud’ system specifically designed to manage holiday parks and camping and touring parks. The system is updated every year and, because it is web based everyone gets to use the new updates meaning your system is never out of date. In 2015 we added support for managing seasonal lets and owned residential units. We believe GemaPark is a very feature rich, cost effective, easy to use system but we are always working on making it better.

Netguides mission is to provide all businesses the chance to benefit from the high rewards a business system can bring to a business. We focus on making it easy to use so it is accessible to users of all levels of computer competency and highly productive so it provides instant visible results.

Netguides is a leading edge internet agency bringing together skills and technology to provide you with website and business systems that make your business more successful. We are with you throughout the journey and love having the opportunity to be a part of your success story.

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