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The Fluecube offers the best anti downdraft cowl on the market to improve burning efficiency in your glamping.
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The Fluecube is a unique chimney cowl for wood burning stoves. This cowl enables wood burners to burn more efficiently saving on fuel (wood) while reducing the amount of soot (black carbon) that goes into the atmosphere. Check out our new video to see how it works and how it can save you money, increase the efficiency of your stove AND reduce your emissions

Opublikowany przez Fluecube LLP Piątek, 17 stycznia 2014

A Woodburning stove can be an essential part of the Glamping experience.

But a combination of inexperienced users, children, fire and Carbon Monoxide present some worrying hazards.

Manage those risks by having your stove installations designed and safely installed by Gloucestershire’s Woodburning stove experts using the revolutionary FlueCube.

The FlueCube chimney cowl solves problems, such as issues with lighting your stove, the stove not reaching its optimum temperature, smoke blowing into your home when the wind comes from a certain direction or downdraft caused by surrounding trees, buildings or terrain. In all of these cases, a FlueCube chimney cowl will work for you. It also improves the efficient heating of your home while contributing to reducing your fuel bill. Saving on fuel means that you save money and help the environment.

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