Easy Cabin / AJC Trailers Ltd

AJC Trailers is one of the leading manufacturers of mobile and static welfare facilities, mobile and static sleeper units, toilets and showers.
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With 32,000 sq ft of modern production facilities and over 48 years of manufacturing expertise, AJC have a proven track record of developing innovative high quality products. All design and manufacturing processes to produce a standard or bespoke unit are managed in house, ensuring quality at every stage whilst operating to ISO 9001 with trailers being type approved by the VCA.

We work closely with our customers and through the commitment and skills of the team provide the best possible customer service.

With the recent addition of a comprehensive range of quality luxury toilet and shower trailers branded as Eurowagon, AJC have everything covered for the outside event market.

We have a policy of continual development to ensure that all AJC products provide the highest level of user comfort with uncompromised levels of build quality.

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