Coirstore specialise in the supply of coir mats for various types of glamping structures and is one of Britain's largest stockists with some of the cheapest prices.
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Coirstore imports 100% natural, eco-friendly coir matting direct from the manufacturer, offering premium quality coir products at unbeatable prices throughout the UK.
All our products are unbleached and Bright/Natural/Golden in appearance, as well as being naturally fire retardant and resistant to moisture, moth, rot, bacteria & salt water!
It’s not called the Golden Fibre for nothing!!

Ideal for Bell tents, Yurts, Tipis etc. our half moon mats are extremely popular. Constructed from 100% unbleached, natural coir yarns, each mat is hemmed and machine stitched.
For more choice we have selected half moon diameters in 2 qualities; (Anjengo/Vycome & Vycome/Vycome) and 2 different weaves; Panama or Herringbone.

Coirstore can also provide flooring solutions for larger structures such as marquees. Coir matting rolls available in various dimensions, qualities and weaves. Also perfect for walkways, wedding aisles and lawn protection.

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