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Reliable and camping friendly WI-FI provider.
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Camping Connect ensures the provision of secure, family friendly Internet access in line with EU legislation and is a “Friendly WI-FI” registered WI-FI provider.

We pride ourselves on supplying efficient hard wired WI-FI solutions and excellent customer service from our 7 day support team and our qualified professionals with years of experience.

Reliable WI-FI is essential for your business to gain a competitive edge. It allows your guests to stay in contact with friends and family, whilst also keeping up to date with work emails whilst away. Today, your guests expect a WI-FI connection that is swift and secure.

Installing Public WI-FI can create additional streams of income by simply supplying pay-as-you-go Internet access to guests. Alternatively, utilising social media check-ins and collecting marketing information are another cost effective way of maximising your web presence, allowing you to engage with potential guests like never before.

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