BCT Outdoors

Established tent producer with 100 years old experience, known from its British quality.
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With over 100 years of producing scouting tents, BCT Outdoors has built a world wide reputation for British quality with thousands of Scout, Guide and Youth groups…

Ever since Lord Baden Powell created the Scout movement back in 1908, BCT has been producing tents along with an unrivalled customer service for excellence.

The company’s success story relies heavily on the importance given to research and development and to both listening and acting on the demands of the customer.

This philosophy backed by traditional skills has enabled the company to build a large customer base both at home and abroad. Everything in our collection is manufactured at our factory in Bradford, Yorkshire. We do not import any tents.

As you will discover throughout, our attention to detail, both in the selection of raw material and in every aspect of production, we still follow the stringent guidelines which Clifford Fawcett (grandfather of the present chairman) insisted upon almost 100 years ago.

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