The Garden Oven Co

British made garden ovens
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Thank you Graham from Bertha's Pizza for making wonderful sour dough pizzas in our oven at River Cottage. Everyone very impressed.

Opublikowany przez The Garden Oven Company 28 września 2014

Cooking with wood
Discover the traditional taste of wood fired cooking in our versatile ovens: Smoke, bake, grill, roast, barbeque and cook a wide range of dishes from pizza to fish, bread to a full Sunday roast dinner! Not only will the oven help you prepare wonderful dishes, it will also create a warm atmosphere on a chilly evening. It can become a spare oven for your Christmas dinner.

Features of a garden oven
° Built with heavy gauge stainless and mild steel
° Fully lined with refractory brick
° Hardwood handles stay cool
° High temperature paint protects the oven for years
° Maximum temperature 500°C
° Fire is controlled with air vent and chimney damper

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